First, I’d like to say thank you for visiting our Soul Blossom Tribe website. I hope you find something here that resonates with you and keeps you coming back. It’s my hope that you’ll consider yourself part of our tribe and will feel inspired to contribute to our community.

Creating this space has been a long time coming for me personally. I’ve been dreaming about this space most of my life. It’s exciting to witness the unfolding now in this time-space reality. This is my way of taking my place in the universal calling of being of service to others. This is where I plan to spread my Love to the world. 

I’ve been on my own personal journey of self for a long time. My journey has been like a thicket of rose bushes, all intertwined, full of color, blossoms, and many thorns. At times, I’ve let that thicket get so dense I couldn’t see my way through it. 

As you’ll see as I share my story with you, I’m a survivor of many things, including domestic violence, childhood trauma, and addictions. I know now that my experience, strength, and hope can also help others on their journey of self. By self, I mean self-love, self-forgiveness, self-discovery, self-recovery, self-acceptance, and self-creativeness. 

I want to walk with you on your own path of knowing who you are and why you came here. And I want to be there when you discover how you will spread your Love to the world.  

We didn’t come here to walk alone; we came to join together in Love. To create together. To grow together. To thrive together. We live in an inclusive-based universe. We are all tethered together in spirit. The Love in me is the same Love in you. The thoughts in me are the same thoughts in you. The mind in me is the same mind in you. We share more than our egos will have us believe.   

Fear is the only thing that separates us. Let’s not let the illusion of fear separate us from what’s promised to be a joyous experience.  

Always Choose Love,  Emily Blossom