I must share with everyone right out of the gate what I believe about who my Higher Power is. Because you’ll see me reference “Rose” a lot in my writings, and to avoid any confusion, I’d like you to know what the term “Rose” means to me. 

I call my Higher Power “Rose and the Collective,” or just “Rose,” for short.  

I do believe in infinite Intelligence, hence “The Collective.” To me, “Rose” is my Inner Being, my higher spiritual self, who is tethered to me, “My Emily” personality, and tethered to the infinite intelligent source energy of the universe; “The Collective.” Rose is the bridge between us.

I like how Marianne Williamson describes it in her book “A Return to Love” – Reflections on the Principles of a Course of Miracles. She uses a bicycle wheel as an example. She says the center of the wheel is like our source energy (or Infinite Intelligence), and the spokes connected to the center and the outer wheel are our physical extensions of source energy. 

All the pieces of the wheel are essential to function correctly. The spoke is nothing without being connected to the center, and the center is nothing without being able to connect to the spokes.  

I also like the way Abraham-Hicks Publications, Ester Hicks, describes it. She says that source energy (infinite Intelligence) is like the electricity in our homes, and our physical counterparts are like toasters. Source energy is always present and always there, but the toaster doesn’t experience the power until it plugs into the current.  

I believe that “Rose and The Collective” are my infinite source of energy/ Inner Being that I work at lining up with (plugging into) daily, so I can co-create my world with all the beauty it was meant to be.  

Here is a more detailed description of “My Rose.” 

Who I Am

I am Rose First

I don’t have a beginning or an end. I have always been since the beginning of everything. I’m part of the whole, as an extension of thought. I am a creator. I’ve been creating since the beginning. I’ve created great expansion for the benefit of the whole. I am a vibrational being, as with all things. Vibration is creation. I have my own thoughts. I also share the thoughts of the collective for the good of all things. I can express my creations in physical life. For me, this is the greatest excitement of all. Being on the leading edge of creation, new thought waves, new energy, new expansion, continued expansion for all that is.   Since I am an energy being that creates worlds, an energy being that is part of the whole. I’ve had many faces, names, and experiences, all of which were joyous and exciting. I can communicate with my leading-edge physical counterparts.  

Because I am a non-physical being, I don’t need the same replenishment as my physical counterparts. I don’t need sleep. I’m constantly flowing pure positive energy. I ride the waves with little energy exerted because I am forever connected to the whole. The collective. There are many of us in the collective thought; it’s an eternally joyous experience and thought wave. There are many thought waves. Waves of thought are on different levels, shared by many.  

Our physical counterparts can ride many of the thought waves created by all the creators that have ever existed from the past, present, or future.   Thoughts have been around since the beginning, too, and can be shared by all that ever was and ever will be. Our physical counterparts can jump the thought waves depending on their physical energy. From shallow levels all the way to the highest thought waves, which is where we are in non-physical. Our highest frequency is love.

Vibrations control the thought wave jumping. The higher the energy vibration, the higher the thought wave level is achieved. Emotions control vibration. Since we exist in an environment of primarily non-physical energy, our guidance systems are governed by emotions, thoughts, and vibrations. The entire system is managed by one law; The law of attraction. This is understood and written as follows: That which is likened to itself is drawn.  

When we, as an extension of source energy, create, we extend a piece of our energy into a physical counterpart for creation on the raw leading edge of experience in current time/space reality. We never fully disconnect from our physical counterpart; however, we allow one crucial piece to take place for co-creating and for our physical counterpart to be the accurate filtration system for the expansion and evolution of the whole. Also, for true masterpieces of creation, we instill free will into our physical counterparts.  

We allow our physical counterparts to have their own conscious mind to make choices as they filter and experience the physical world. They can have their own thoughts separate from us, making the thought jumping possible. However, they always maintain the guidance system and the laws of the universe. They can connect to our thought wave anytime they choose. We will always connect, guide, support, and love them as they explore the physical world.  

Time is not a non-physical thing; it’s always in the now. We live in the moment of current vibration.

 Current vibration, for us, is the future manifestation of our physical counterparts. We bask in the glory of the new high-flying vibrations. This keeps the expansion of the collective possible.